Sunday, 5 May 2013

Blue-grass Inspired Rustic MCM Dresser

This dresser was pretty ugly, Im sure you will agree when you see the picture below. The mirror is pretty cool though, I found the same one at a Salvation Army and it now hangs in my bedroom.

The Before
 But back to the dresser, I had a vision of a really cool distressed blue/black rustic looking blue-grass kinda thang.  Sometimes your vision turns out exactly as you expected, other times it doesnt.  This was one of those times I wasnt over the moon with how it turned out.

I thought the top looked a bit too much like marble, and the detailing on the front middle that I thought was pretty neat when I picked the dresser up, didn't really do it for me after I was finished.  

I kept working, and re-working the dresser (adding colour, distressing, more distressing, etc) until I was a little bit happy with how it looked.

In hindsight, I wish I had traded out the hardware for something with more personality.  Instead I opted to paint the hardware out black, and I think it disappears to much against the black drawers.

But that is the way it goes, Im sure we all have some pieces that we love more than others!


  1. I think this turned out fun and funky. You could always use a little rub n buff on the hardware to make them pop.

  2. Absolutely beautiful piece and colors. The distressing is just right. Saw your piece on MMS Furniture Friday roll call.