Monday, 6 May 2013

Triple Dip the MCMD

Ok, if you have seen my earlier posts, you will definitely recognize this look!  I love turquoise, I love two-toned, and I love MCM dressers!  Those three loves saw me create a very similar dresser to one I did before.  

It is actually a different colour than the previous one, but it only by a shade or two.

I decided to keep the original wood pulls, but just paint them out to match the rest of the dresser.  I opted for white so that they would blend it rather than draw too much attention to themselves.

It looked too plain after I painted the front all white, so I added the three racing stripes to give her some more interest.  I affectionately refer to her as 'triple dip'.  Mr. Chuckles thinks its funny that I give all of my pieces names.  I like to assign a personality to them based on their attributes, and it helps keep me organized when I store all my pics in folders under their 'name'.

And here is the before!


  1. Love this!! I am so into the MCM! I just delivered my 3rd dresser to customer today!! These are so much fun to work on! This is a nice shade of blue. What is the name of it?? And did you use a semi-gloss or satin and then a semi-gloss sealer? Also, do you roll or spray?? lol I always look
    for different ways to do things!! If you have a chance, take a peek at mine
    under "Gallery". Thanks!!!

  2. Hi thanks!

    I brushed this piece and actually used a custom chalk paint and then waxed (no sealer). The paint was 'sunnyshoes', but I can't remember if it was Behr, or Para.