Friday, 3 May 2013

Ottawa Oldie

This little fella traveled down from Ottawa to Southern Ontario.  I like to think he hitchhiked his way down, regaling drivers with stories from the 'good ol' days' when he worked in an upmarket Ottawa hotel long since closed down.

He escaped the dumpster by the nape of his neck, when a kindly hotel employee adopted him as the hotel doors were shut for good.  Little did he know 30 years later he'd be saying farewell to that man, and to Ottawa.

I rescued him yet again when the son of the man graduated from university and didn't see the worth of lugging  the little guy all the way back to Ottawa.

 I love his clean lines, adorable legs and the simplicity of his style.  I painted him in turquoise and distressed  heavily.  I think he looks fetching and regal.  

I changed out the hardware though, as I wasn't a fan of the perfunctory wooden knobs. The heavy distressing lets his old character and charm shine through.  

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