Friday, 17 May 2013

Striking Turquoise Dresser

If you have looked through my blog, then you have seen a very similar piece before, ok, maybe even two.  I just love raised detailing on dressers, it adds such interest, especially once it is painted out.

I have a lot of natural light on this dresser, so it looks 'I need sunglasses' bright.  In reality it is quite a deep shade of turquoise, mostly blue, but with a subtle shade of green as well.

I left some of the wood to poke through on the detailing to add some depth.  I also did a bit of accenting with white and yellow.

The hardware was in really bad shape, I thought I was going to have to spray paint it, I started to give it a light sand so the paint would have something to grab onto, when I noticed it started to sparkle underneath.  It was quite magical, I just lightly sanded and in the process polished up the hardware.  This pic below shows the after and the before.

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  1. Can you tell me the shade of paint you used for this dresser? It's lovely.