Saturday, 4 May 2013

Bermuda, Bahama, Come On Pretty Mama - MCM again!

Im gonna be blunt here.  Bahama did not live up to her name when I first cast eyes on her.  She was ugly, she stunk like a cheap hooker who smoked too much, and she was scattered in pieces.  Literally. She was on the floor of some guy's garage all shewn about in smelly disarray.

It didn't take me long to figure out why.  Her drawers were a maze, all nine of them.  She was one of those finicky little pieces that was designed in such a way that each drawer only fit into one slot (despite the fact that they all seemed to look the same).  Mr. Chuckles, the owner, and me, all spent about 10 minutes crawling over each other like a bad game of twister trying to fit Bahama's bits back into her chest so we could pack her up in the hatchback.

If I had been handing over money for her, I most likely would have politely said 'no thank you', turned on my heel and quickly scuppered off, but she was a freebie, so I just couldn't say no.  We strapped her into the car and brought her home to my salon for the big makeover.

Having a stamp on her backside that said "Bahama" inspired me to paint her a bright, tropical colour. I settled on a turquoise blue (suprise, suprise!) contrasted with pure white.

I like the way she turned out, for some reason she makes me want to go bowling. She definitely has a 1950s vibe about her.

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